About Us

Street Outdoor was named “Small Business Council 2011 Home Based Business of the Year”

Street Outdoor, Osceola County, LLC ad locations are advertising-supported streetscape newsracks which enable approved publishers to deliver time-sensitive local and national publications containing information for readers who seek facts on a wide range of local businesses.

Advertisers place their messages on the front of our modular, eye-level streetscape ad spaces facing thousands, if not millions, of consumers who visit popular shopping, dining and entertainment venues in the West Highway 192 Disney Resort Area. The clutter-free message is ideal for generating a high degree of awareness and brand recognition to a highly mobile, target audience as well as serving as a reminder to consumers deciding where to dine, shop or visit.

The Street Outdoor modular newsracks are permanently placed, secured and do not block sidewalks. They cannot be blown into the street during bad weather and satisfy all ADA requirements.

Our ad space locations are placed to maximize pedestrian access to all public rights-of-way, designed to be customer friendly and engineered to complement existing architectural elements along the roadway.  Randomly placed, stand-alone publication newsrack rows are replaced with our modular, high-quality street furniture signs which enhance the beautification of West Highway 192.

Street furniture is one of the fastest growing segments of the outdoor advertising market. Due to the strategic location of our modular street furniture along West Highway 192 and the Disney Resort Area, visitors from all over the world are exposed to a state-of-the-art form of advertising.

In addition to our normal advertising program and prices, Street Outdoor, Osceola County provides the opportunity for local agencies to announce events with Public Service Announcements and also offers short-term postings for location-specific campaigns.